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  1. I don't quite know what you were saying in the first line, but as for this, I believe those are the CHESSEX Festive - Carousel dice, if you're interested!
  2. The last one is Tasha! I draw all of my D&D characters, also when I am playing. I am very much into character design.
  3. Hi, y'all! After TreeFrog's talk show with Kajesan, discussing Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder and general roleplaying, they requested I made a thread for RPG Dice! Do you have any cool dice? I know my picture is a bit flashy, but I originally only intended to post this in private to show what I meant by getting dice that accompanied what characters I was playing at the time, and how I doodle my own characters. This is a small selection of some of my favourite characters! Please do show us some of your favourite dice sets!
  4. I want to try Fuser, but it's so expensive!
  5. Oh boy! Just a couple more hours until Shadowlands is out, at least here in Europe at midnight! Are you going to play it? I think when it comes to what character I'm playing, I'm probably gonna, as always, level up my night elf hunter, but I am looking forward to trying out new classes! I have spent the period before Shadowlands leveling up new classes. I still lack four classes at current max level (50), but I've leveled many classes I haven't really tried yet, such as warrior and demon hunter! After I've leveled up my night elf hunter, I'm probably going to level up a horde ch
  6. Woah! The new item shop is really overwhelming when you're used to the old shop! I think, overall, the new shop system is gonna be super helpful for new players and casual players (such as myself!) and I think it's gonna be easier to manage having a whole new category/tier of items, so that people don't just stack powerful item on powerful item on powerful item! I am also really excited that they finally did something for supports who generally fall behind a lot in the coins department. Now I feel like I'm on-par with the rest of the team! What do you think of the new ov
  7. When I receive a notification on the forum, it appears as if I've received a new message, though this isn't the case.
  8. I think I'd tell you to play at your own pace! I haven't personally been suuuper into high-end game content such as the greatest gear, serious raiding or letting meta dictate my class and race choices. If you like to play optimally, go for it, but allow yourself to play to your own liking. Maybe you'll end up enjoying roleplaying, or maybe you just like harvesting vanity items (guilty!), or maybe you like doing raids or PvP! You could check out the trial pack, as that'll allow you to experience the gameplay up to a certain level, if I'm not entirely mistaken. I also suggest, if you're abl
  9. Wow! That is so pretty! I love watching woodworking and restoration videos, and I wish I had the space to work with such, myself!
  10. I too, use Streamlabs. I don't feel a reason to look for other options, as I am satisfied with Streamlabs!
  11. Smarties have been described by TreeFrog, raisins are raisins. Kvikk-Lunsj is basically a Norwegian-made chocolate bar much akin to Kit Kats? But they're.. A whooole lot better. If I were to rank them, it's be American Kit Kats on the bottom, British Kit Kats, probably everything else above that, Cloetta Sportlunch and then Kvikk-Lunsj at the top! A most delicious treat. If you have a Norwegian Sailor Church nearby you, you might be able to get one! Liquor is liquor. I like clear and sweet ones, and stuff that can be used to make drinks. I don't think that'll be handed out, however, as
  12. I remember when I was young, I'd love to get some Smarties and Raisins, but now I think I'd go for a Kvikk-Lunsj or liqour!
  13. Feel free to show off some audio you might have in the works, if you're keen!
  14. Thank you, @Boktai! I hope to see more people post their work in this thread, too!
  15. Ooh, so the processes on the server keep running after I log off?

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