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  1. Random late night drawing of witchy treefrog!
  2. Laz even drew me once just because! I think that is so great, and I was hoping it was that last once, I especially love those swirly dice
  3. Kaj, those liquid filled ones look so cool!
  4. Oh my goodness @Laz I absolutely love this and had no idea you had so much beautiful art too. Is one of those the character Tasha you mentioned during stream?
  5. My birthday was before the website
  6. Happy Birthday to or very own @Kajesan, you name it at OmniPixel gaming, he has probably worked on it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
  7. Happy Birthday @Master Rex!!! Wishing you a day of spooks and "cuddles"!
  8. LOL. I kind of love that. What does a Kaj look like? I'd love some kind of "f in chat"
  9. OmniPixel Gaming is Twitch affiliated! Hype! We need emote ideas: - to reflect OmniPixel Gaming and our community - think about inside jokes, common phrases or things that speak to the community - must meet Twitch and OmniPixel guidelines and rules. Submitting ideas: - use this forum to discuss and submit ideas. - submit ideas or rough sketches, not finished products Chosen ideas: - OmniPixel leadership will have the final versions created - all idea are appreciated, 1-3 will be chosen - community members whose idea is chosen will be gifted a one month subscription when th
  10. So, we have another OmniPixel Supported Streamer to announce. Lets all congratulate @Kajesan. Kaj has recently returned to streaming as part of the OmniPixel Twitch channel, with a focus on DnD. He will even be leading a group through a campaign, streamed on OmniPixel Gaming Twitch! You may even be able to find him here: https://www.twitch.tv/kajesan Congratulations Kaj, we are proud to welcome you to the Supported Streamer Program!
  11. Today is @Bemoans Edenbirthday. I feel like she might like some spooky birthday wishes and carved pumpkins!
  12. I literally can't wait! I'll share pics closer to Halloween

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