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Join us today in New World

OmniPixel Gaming is excited for the launch of the new MMO New World. If you are looking for a home join the Omni Company today. While waiting on the game to launch join the discussion today in our New World Forum.

Beyond Light is Coming!

The Darkness is here and the brave guardians of OmniPixel Gaming are ready to face what ever comes in Beyond Light! Join our ranks today and get phat loot, high light level, and friendships that even Gaul would be jealous of.


Looking for an awesome all inclusive gaming community?
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Republic/Imperial Guild Rules & Code of Conduct)

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--- Guild Rules ---

> Participate is preferred and encouraged within the guild chat. No activity after 6 months to 1 year without notice or reason will result in a demotion of rank/removal from the guild to open up for other potential members. If the player decided to come back and finds they are removed or would like to stay within the guild may rejoin via the application process in game or through our forums/leader dm's. - Previous rank will not be reinstated unless proven that they will continue to be active in order to help fulfill said role.

> Help your fellow members. If there is any questions or messages asking for assistance for a mission or task, please provide assistance or answer the question as soon as you can. We're all here to help one another and to have fun! Don't let others feel left out!

> Follow all Star Wars: The Old Republic Rules and guidelines as per their TOS, this includes talking outside of game within our forums. Any rule breaking can result in punishment. No abusing in game glitches for intentional means. This includes known issues that could potentially be profitable either for your own personal gains or for guild advantage and/or progression. It's tempting we understand, however it would be against SWTOR TOS and will not be tolerated by any means and will result with immediate removal from the guild.


-- Code of Conduct --

> Just like with any MMORPG, there is a ranking hierarchy within the guild. Please respect the people in those positions, they have earned or shown leadership and knowledge to reach those ranks. These members will also try to organize events or raids but don’t be afraid to take initiative if they are not on. It will only help in your favor for the long run. 

> Bailing is not cool! If you are involved with an activity with guild members, and need to leave for any reason, please be respectful. Just let your guild members know.

> No harassing players in game via text chat or any other form. We understand that sometimes players make mistakes or be trolls. Be the bigger person and explain mechanics or help them without causing a scene. Breaking this rule will result in immediate demotion or removal from the guild, depending on severity.


** If you feel that there's some issues or conflicts in regards to the rules and CoC, please inform a leader or officer and we'll look into it and clarify as much as possible **

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