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Custom Light Saber(With Sound and Effects)


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As some have noticed, I've been on a Star Wars binge lately(and from what my YouTube recommendations have shown me as well) is that it's time to embrace the inner Jedi in me and begin constructing my very first Lightsaber.

Now this will be no easy task as I'm going to be doing this all by hand and from scratch, instead of just 'buying' one from a website known for making ones that have all the features I'm looking for. This'll be a long and painful project that'll set me back a little bit monetarily and also push the limits of my own Creativity.

In regards to actually constructing the thing, I've done quite a bit of extensive research watching videos and also reading up on the subject and It's nice to see that it's still as active as ever, even with all the new content regarding the Star Wars fandom and the release of the newest season of Mandalorian. 

Now, this hobby has been going on for quite some time, and probably isn't as active as it normally is due to conventions being held off/cancelled due to the not so recent events of 2020 that has currently kept going into the new year. However the passion is still here and it's nice to see a lot of people are willing to show their creativity and also give guides on how to construct one in a wide variety of ways.

Now, to start off with, I'll be building the electronics side of the Saber, which to some isn't the way to go, however I'd like to know the dimensions and what I will be putting towards it's features before I begin making the housing + it'll give me some time to design and figure out how to manufacture the hilt and emitter. 

For my main Soundboard for the saber, I'll be using a ProffieBoard v2.2. This'll be the main brain of the saber and control all of it's sound fonts and features. Now I know there's other options available, like the Crystal Focus X(Which as the time of writing this, is about $20 more expensive, and not including shipping as it comes from Europe), and also has a ton of features as well, and from what I've heard is easier to program and use than the ProffieBoard v2.2. I got my board on Ebay for about $45 and comes fully featured with all the functions I'd ever want, including SmoothSwing, which is the algorithm that allows sabers to be swung around and allows specific Saber fonts to mimic the noise of an actual saber swing from the Show and Games, thus adding to the realism. 


ProffieBoard V2.2
Proffieboard V2.2 | | Artekit

The image above is to give you an idea of what kind of board I'm talking about. This was developed specifically for the Saber Community and is entirely Open Source. It has a lot of options and it's main Storage is a Micro SD card which is on the underside of the chip, allowing for a potentially unlimited amount of Saber Fonts to be used(There's a limit to the size of the SD Card the chip can run, just assume anywhere between 128gb and higher is most likely incompatible.)

Most of the time, they will be mounted in chassiss' like so(The Part is from the SaberForge Store for $10):

Saber Chassis – Saber Forge

They can also be designed and 3D printed as well! There's really no limit on how you construct these things.

There's a bunch of other items that'll take me too long to list, but will update when I get them(Like buttons, Batteries or anything else I'd like to add.)

The blade I'll be going with will be RGB and provide me different options for Blade Colors if I feel like swapping them out for different styles.

For now, I went and had a design made using an editor on a website(Saberforge) that provides custom sabers to purchase and put together just for a idea concept of what I'll be doing for my own Saber.

Here's a close representation of the style I'm going for(but will be editing heavily later to express some other games I enjoy which I'll be mashing with this):

However, I'll be editing this in the final design to have a smaller handle section, which will be entirely white(Similar to a Marble color than steel) and Color the emitter the same as the handle. Everything else will be anodized Steel black with some other design choices.

As for the game I'm mashing into this, as a Destiny 2 Player and Big fan of the series, as well as the Star Wars Franchise, I felt the need to mix the Light and the Dark from the Destiny games into this build. It's just too fitting don't you think? The relationship between the two, extremely familiar and alike.

The handle and Emitter will stylize the Traveler and will represent the Light as such, and the parts other than that will be Stylized in the Darkness Style, showing their symbolic relationship with one another as they both have to exist in the balance, however one side is meant for helping others and one is for power. See where I'm going with this? 

I originally wanted a twin pair with one being traveler themed and one being the darkness themed, however due to monetary costs(and some time constraints) doing two would be too much to do and I like the idea of it being just one instead. Our guardian can wield both, why can't we?

Like I said in the title, this will be a heavily worked on project and will be on going for the year of 2021. I'll try to have it made and built by the Summer, but we will see where this project takes me.

The things I'll be needing to work on is as follows:

  • Soldering the Electronics and building the Chassis
  • Finalizing the features I want for the saber
  • Drawing up concept designs for the final product
  • Making a Test 3D Model of the saber and testing out all the features of the saber for working on the final project.
  • Work on Manufacturing Durable components for the build, like Hilt, Pommel, Switch, and Emitter.



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- UPDATE 1/10/21 - 

My ProffieBoard V2.2 arrived earlier this week and I've been eager to test it out.

As part of the course in getting more of the project started, I have begun the process of setting up all the electronics I'll be needing. So far, I've got enough to test out the board and make sure it's working properly and will be designing and getting a 3d print of the chassis by the end of the month.

Here's a list of all the stuff I have on the way to begin the process of setting up the electronics:


The battery terminates in a JST connector, which I'll be removing and soldering directly onto the board as well as adding in the Switchcraft Power Jack in line with it so I can charge the battery without needing to remove it. It also will have a feature where when it's charging, the electronics will not get power at all from the battery, thus saving it all from being damaged while the battery is being charged. It will also function to completely disable the battery while not in use via a kill plug.

The switch is hopefully going to be a blue illumination and will be wired up to the 20mA DynaOhm resistor to protect the LED from being damaged by the 3.7V battery, will also prolong the life of the LED.

The speaker is a speaker sooo, it's a Bass speaker especially, due to the low rumble lightsabers make when powered on(it'll sound cool hopefully) but can be changed if the desired sound isn't wanted. This will be placed in the pommel of the saber.

The final electronics assembly will terminate in a Neopixel style connector which is a series of pins(7 pins or 11 pins) which will contact the blade(I'm not making my own, purchasing a pre-made one to save time and keep things neat.)

I already own a Smart LI-Ion battery charger(I have one for a airsoft rifle I use) which is why I also have a 2.1mm plug adapter to smart charger(Timiya) since I already have one in that termination. It'll also safe some cost as I already have one available.
Alternatively, you can also just purchase removeable batteries that can recharge outside of the saber, but don't have built in protection like the one I purchased does. It stops the battery from being damaged if something begins to pull too much power from it, and will help prolong the life of the battery.

Wires are important. I have 2 sets of 28 gauge wire for positive and negative power from the board and into the switches and speaker, 2 feet of both. There is also a 26 gauge wire(2ft) which I will be using specifically for data, and will be used to connect the information being output by the ProffieBoard and to the Neopixel Blade to allow for cool effects hence the thicker wire. 

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