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Looking for upgrade help.

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Few questions I'm gonna ask before I start listing off some stuff to get.

What kind of budget are you setting for yourself?
Do you care much about looks, or functionality
If you have pictures of case, and inside of PC, that'll be helpful in seeing what else you need in terms of upgrades, like new mobo, coolers, fans, etc.

From the recommended specs released by CD Projekt Red, this PC will run the game, but it won't run like butter. But it'll be at least playable until you get your parts upgraded if they take a bit of time to arrive.

Cyberpunk 2077 PC Requirements Are In And They're Surprisingly Lenient |  HotHardware

What I'd recommend getting right off the bat, would probably be an upgrade to your ram, another 8gb's for a total of 16(You can sometimes find 32gb kits on sale for around $100), as well as upgrading your GPU up to a 1660ti or a 2060 if you're looking for a good budget option with some RTX features enabled. I personally would recommend the 2060 in this case.)

Processor is gonna be a bit more difficult, especially if you are looking into going Ryzen, which would require a completely new Motherboard and RAM, as if you're running DDR3, you'll need to buy a whole new set of DDR4.

I'd also like a bit more in terms of specs that you have, as I'd like to know Motherboard, PSU, as well as Ram specs.

I'll see what I can do to make this as cost saving as possible if you need it to be as we will focus on the necessary parts, as well as getting you stuff for good performance.

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At the moment i know i need a new mobo because mine refuses to work with more then one stick of ram so if you have any recommend mother boards that would be very helpful.
As well as case recommendations because mine lacks airflow. 
As for my budget about $1500 at the moment but im planing on upgrading as the year goes so going over is not an issue.
I care much more about my how my performance rather then looks.


Pc Inside.jpg

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okay, what I can see from the pictures, the thing you could salvage from this case, would definitely be only the power supply. It'll work for a bit, but would definitely be worth upgrading to somewhere around 800W+ if you're wanting a more powerful GPU and CPU. 

As for the rest, I'll go through some options and get you something put together on PC Part Picker so you can look it over. 

As for case recommendations, would you like to keep disk drives? If not, we can choose ones without. I see you have some there, just want to make sure you'll want to keep that functionality. 

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Okay, here is a barebones, tossed together build that I just kinda chose out of the blue, just to give you an idea on the pricing. This doesn't include any extra fans, PSU, or storage. This is all stuff you need to use in order to have a working build. 
Here are some options to change out, I chose the motherboard as it's on the x570 platform and should be good for future upgrades on the ryzen processors, and included the new 3000 series of processors for their CPU's. It's not the highest tier cpu, but it'll last you a long while, especially with it's specs and benchmarks.

CPU cooler, I chose noctua's beefy air cooler, but can be swapped out for an AIO if you want a liquid cooled cpu for slightly better temperatures, which might be ideal if you plan on running some heavy intensive games like COD. 

The video card is stand in as it was the only option that listed a price(but you can find others online), tbh, if you can manage to order a 3060, you'll definitely get some really good performance for only ~$100 extra if you can get it at MSRP. If not, a 2060 will be good for a majority of games. Try looking for used as well, as people are selling their old parts to pay for the newer gear as well(although, I don't typically recommend this unless you know how to work around sellers and making sure you're not getting an abused piece of hardware). 

This list will change and I know there might be some "oversights" in terms of part choices, as it's all a rough draft for @Sterben, there's also minor RGB on the motherboard. Motherboard also includes built in wifi if you go that route, which in some cases is handy. 

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