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Roleplaying Dice

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Hi, y'all!

After TreeFrog's talk show with Kajesan, discussing Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder and general roleplaying, they requested I made a thread for RPG Dice! 

Do you have any cool dice?

I know my picture is a bit flashy, but I originally only intended to post this in private to show what I meant by getting dice that accompanied what characters I was playing at the time, and how I doodle my own characters. This is a small selection of some of my favourite characters!


Please do show us some of your favourite dice sets!

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Here's the dice I showed in Stream, but if you want a closer look, here they are!





The first one is a Chessex Set from ebay, and the other two, I can't remember the names of! 

But in regards to the whole shabang that I own, here's the full pic!:


and here's the newest one I'll be getting in March: 


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25 minutes ago, TreeFrog said:

Is one of those the character Tasha you mentioned during stream?

The last one is Tasha!

26 minutes ago, TreeFrog said:

I absolutely love this and had no idea you had so much beautiful art too.

I draw all of my D&D characters, also when I am playing. I am very much into character design.

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2 hours ago, TreeFrog said:

I especially love those swirly dice

I don't quite know what you were saying in the first line, but as for this, I believe those are the CHESSEX Festive - Carousel dice, if you're interested! 🐸

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