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Clone Hero Players?


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Good day everyone,

As some of you know, that I'm a huge Guitar Hero and Rockband Fan and I've been playing for quite a while now. Now, in regards to our topic, the lovely people at Clone Hero have created a program/game that completely mimics the Guitar Hero games almost exactly how you'd expect.

For those that really love to play, I'd really like to hear more from you one what you use for a guitar/if you want to get in. 

I know some people have issues finding good guitars to use or don't know where to go when it comes to obtaining one, and to be honest, I'd love to share this game with those that enjoyed the game in their youth!

For me, I use a Rockband 4 Rivals Jaguar Fender Guitar and a Guitar Hero World Tour Guitar for my playthroughs. Some of which are second hand obtained through ebay or through thrift shops like goodwill. I also have started using a world tour drum kit as well, but they only have support for the Rockband variant this this time, and will be getting support for that device. (Those will work, but the spacing is different, pads work as intended.)


What do you all use? I'm very curious if we have any players here!

I'm willing to suggest/help people get setup if they are interested in playing!

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@Bemoans Eden There's a lot to teach really!

When it comes to acquiring a guitar, I prefer having people get ones from World Tour, or a Wii based one as there are adapters on the cheap you can use to set one up for you.

You can get the game over at https://www.clonehero.net, they have a launcher, however it's in beta and only accessible via their discord. 

when it comes to indepth stuff, that's a whole other ball game! What would you like to learn about! Eden? I can go on for quite some time. 

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