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We all have funny slip ups when in voice coms during gaming. Share those funny moments here for the community! 

"Honestly I hate all of you, I'm just bored as fuck." - Squilliam

"the great cucking has begun" - Brock

"Watcher rooms are like stealing candy from a 9 year old instead of a baby." - Ishwa

"So difficult but not impossible" - Macks

"The secret to stealing it from a 9 year old is that their balls are finally dropping so you just kick 'em." - Squilliam


"you know this channel is gonna be abused right" - Alec

"Did I miss that, no body saw that" - Ishwa

"no u" - Bfirm.

"I promise on a regular basis, I'm better than that." - Ishwa

"Triple-A company by the way" - Everyone

"Is midnight coup a good gun?" - DovahGoose

"You want the Crucible? I am the Crucible."- Shaxx

"Thicker than a bowl of oatmeal" - Squilliam

"THICC president is best president" - BFirm

"If you get worlds first or top 10 on last wish, I will personally buy everyone pizza" Boktai

"Pizza is the source of Squilliam's power" - Paragon Lion

"Sneeki Breeki"  - Ishwa


"That's a man I could eat cheerio's off of..." - Boktai

"would you eat it one cheerio at a time?" - Alec

"If ya not going balls deep where ya goin?" - Me

"Is that an exotic?" - Kajesan

"it's the god damn turkey boss" -Alec

"Because you know the Earth is flat" -Pwnfromabove

"imagine Woodstock but all the time" -Pwnfromabove

"Spice Byf" - Kajesan

"Make the reef great again" - Zyvx

"the yellow dog is on me like shit on stink" - Ishwa

"hes not even on me hes inside me" - Ishwa

"Deep breaths, these are all good people, and they're not bears" - Hawthorne

"we are classholes" - Ishwa

"You kill enemies and collect the emotes" - TapItXD

"Tag team bounty completed" -EbilReaper

"But Drang is the best in the game!!!" - ProdigyProject

"i haven't done dreaming city because i'm to scared to go in there" - WhyGinger

"i'm a robot we can touch robot cocks" - Reaper

'I am the basement" - Kajesan

"You mean that  Booger Sugar" - Krispy

"I mean I'd fuck a dude" - Ebilreaper

"that's the problem sir, I can't touch the entire bear" - Pwnfromabove

He took a bite out of my mom's arm - Pwnfromabove

He's not my family, he's homeless. - Pwnfromabove

"That's what the penis is for" - @ObtuseMooze

"i eat  the way i do because i want to die" - ObtuseMooze

"Half of these quotes are just Pwn" - Me

"The Skyboner's Oath" - Me

fuck dishes get money - Pwn

"revolver get in there and get some butthole" -Krispy

"is it bleached?"-Revolver

"It looks like a butthole"
"Does it go from a butthole to a bigger butthole"
"To a bigger butthole?" - Zyvx 

"Gotta bleach it for it to evolve" - Ishwa 

"Stopp"- Karsinogins

"Hecking slow cat tho" - Karsinogins 

"Garfield ass" - Ishwa 

"Whoever heard of a slow cat"
"It's a fucking cat"
"Be quick" - @Karsinogins 

"Too much lasagna" - Ishwa

“I would never fill my water bucket with throw up” - MinecratCamper

" Why is this water stinky?" - K1NG

"if you build it they will fuck you" Thadius

"I can hear the titties!" alectts

"wait you can steal my face?" - Ishwa

"How  I supposed to grow up functional when I got yall for role models smh" - Karsinogins

"Well you shouldn't fuck cows" - Boktai

"babies make you trip HELLA balls" - Zyvx

"Boktai you're blind..." - Boktai

"i just came up with my shirt off bc i just got out of the closet" - Ishwa

"uWu Fuckiiiiiii  Buggiiiiiiiiii Nuzzles" - Zyvx

"Does anybody have deodorant? It gets really hot in hell" - Boktai 

"Gotta go hard in the paint" - Ishwa 

"Hard in the taint!" - Zyvx

"wake me up, before you go homo" - Valconn

"The problem with naming dogs after people.  Most People can't really live up to most dogs" - TreeFrog

"We need more quotes" - Kajesan

"UwU That hurt" - Boktai

"winding cove uwu" - Boktai

"UwU EAZ Again" - Boktai

"god damn it you guys always quote me when i say 'uwu something' " - Boktai

"uwu you're quoting me again uwu" - Boktai

"thats a big oof uwu" - Boktai

"uWu" - Boktai  

"uwu i'm coming" - Boktai

"UwU Die Mr. Knighty" Boktai

"Everybody was uWu fighting, Everyone was nuzzling bulges   " - Zyvx

"fuck the dinosaurs" - Boktai

that's iweagal uwu - Boktai

"i went to go suck it" - Riley

"I'm gonna gwab enewgy dwink UwU" - Boktai

"anything is a dildo if you're brave enough" - Paragon Lion

"BrokTai" - @Elfman55

"hurry pull us out, pull us out!" - Brockiebrock 

"ok ok, i'm trying to pull out" - Boktai

"We weren't even touching!" - Zyvx

"I have a condom over my ethernet port" Kajesan

"I can eat nuts all day, I don't care" Zyvx

"Their Cumming on me" DovahGoose

"He's a Thiccums!" Zyvx

"Spoil me Daddy" - Boktai

"What kinda person just takes pants?! They took my fuckin pants!" - Triscuit

"I'm punching his nuts..." - Boktai

"put it in the hole" @Boktai

"I'm having trouble getting it up" - Boktai 

"There's medicine for that" - Paragon Lion

"i actually finished a hole" - Colton

How many chickens would it take to kill an elephant? Transmat firing! - Drifter

ya'll just blow her in the mouth for a sec Ishwa

is any body else constantly jiggling  - Boktai

is there a lad inside you because that would be pretty lit - Altered

"You silly, Filip has transcended our mortal plane." - DovahGoose

"Feeling cute, might raid later idk" - Boktai

"Left Hands are the Devils Hands" - Boktai

"I don't think I'd be sad if Zavala died" - Colton 

"I would, because of the memes." - Zyvx

is it a condom? - DovahGoose

why am i being attacked by sentient jizz socks - Ishwa

"You smell like dust...and shame." - Boktai

"I used my detroit reach to get it" - Zyvx

"swarm of the raisin" bagoms

"So he kinda just shits his pants. LMAO?" - Zyvx

"i forgot to breathe" - Boktai

"Every generation has their lists"- sfynx

"Yeah they had Schindler's list, now we have Eris' list" - Paragon Lion

"If you whisper to Po, does he whisper back?" - Paragon Lion

"So what are your thoughts on American cheese?" - candyman337

"aHAHAHahhahHhhHGHghhg" - Brockiebrock

"it's our leader, Broccoli (said to @Boktai ) - sfynx

"if almonds can be milked so can hot dogs" - Zyvx

"chicken bread man" - sfynx

"I hit him precisely...with my shoulder" - DovahGoose

"Don't worry about" - Kajesan

"i wouldn't want to take a bath in it, but i wouldn't mind it inside me" - @Acydburn

"i am full size and i refuse" - Ishwa

"i am become egg" - Zyvx

"VR Dungeon Knight....is that a VR thing?" - Zyvx

"i've been splitting shaft all night" - Ishwa

"I body shot that guy, please take my virginity." - Zyvx

"He birthed us" (Talking about Boktai) - sfynx

"I walk my meatball everyday." - sfynx

"I'm ALWAYS hungry.....Except for when I'm not" - Triscuit

"Come for the creative building, stay for the anal" - Lazy

"Wait a minute, we got nipples too!" - LittleHerdez

"Soup is for people who hate food" - Master Rex

"Don't quote me though" - LittleHerdez

"Keep an eye out for it, art might be better." - Kajesan

“jennifer lopez and demi lavato are fucking me up” - H0P

"That makes me feel things" - Riley

"Ghost hair Brah" - @Boktai

"suffering entertains me" - @H0P

"Leave me alone! I don't have any Spaghetti!!!" - Fry the Nugget King

"my whataburger smack" - @Fry the Nugget King

"I'm sorry, I just like my meat thick." @Bemoans Eden

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