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What happened to Polarity Gaming?



You may have been curious about the new name? Why has OmniPixel Gaming replaced Polarity Gaming Community?

Well, due to some unforeseen circumstances and a bold decision among our Owners, it was decided to switch the name. We wanted to ensure the brand was our own and unique to us, as a community, as well as make it easily recognizable out in the real world! 

As for Polarity, there were quite a few other companies and communities with similar names, so it made sense to reinvent ourselves with OmniPixel Gaming. The community itself isn't changing, but we feel our new name will better reflect the uniqueness of our community.  And too be honest, I'm loving the name and logo designs, and I'm sure you all will too!

All of our normal operations will remain the same, but definitely look out for some cool features and events in the future!

We have also introduced a new community website around OmniPixel Gaming, and here is what is offered:

To sign up to our website, it is as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1: Visit https://omnipixelgaming.com
Step 2: In the upper right hand click "Sign UP" and choose "Login with Discord"
Step 3: Login in to your Discord when asked, and boom! You're signed up for our site! 


Website Features:
Community Forums:

  • General discussion
  • Community polls, suggestions, memes, content creation
  • Gaming, tech talk and suggestions

OmniPixel Gaming Guild info and game talk, including:

  • Destiny 2, FFXIV, New World, SW:TOR plus other popular games
  • How to join
  • Guild Rules
  • Guild “Statics”, like guides, patch notes and builds
  • In game events, builds, fashion and more!

OmniPixel Gaming News!

  • Blogs, reviews, gaming news
  • Important Community news, like Community Game Night (CGN) and Supported Streamer Program (SSP)
  • Calendar of community events and happenings.

Plus, more awesome stuff coming!

Website incentive points for website activity!

Hint:  if you notice a channel missing on discord, it has likely been moved to the website, leaving more room for random chatter and gaming in the OmniPixel Gaming Discord.

Happy Gaming



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