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  4. This is a temporary line until the rules can be posted here
  5. Version 1.0.1


    **TO INSTALL THE MODFIED CLIENT PLEASE FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS HERE** + Download the Steam Client version to your computer from the Zip File attached to this message: (MOST OF YOU WILL NEED THE WINDOWS CLIENT) + Unpack the mod on your computer folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Valheim\ (or where ever your steam game client is) and overwrite the files when asked. + Copy the attached .cfg file to your computer \BepInEx\config\valheim_plus.cfg file. (LOCATED IN THE ZIP IN ATTACHED TO THIS MESSEAGE)
  6. I know some of us haven't played in a bit, since we were waiting for more stuff to come through, but I've been looking to play again, so I'll shoot you an add!
  7. I just go the game, so I’m only level 15 but I would like to have some people to play with and help each other out. So if there’s still some people out there looking for some friends to add here’s my code. Peaches: 621662712
  8. Tap's Birthday
  9. - UPDATE 1/10/21 - My ProffieBoard V2.2 arrived earlier this week and I've been eager to test it out. As part of the course in getting more of the project started, I have begun the process of setting up all the electronics I'll be needing. So far, I've got enough to test out the board and make sure it's working properly and will be designing and getting a 3d print of the chassis by the end of the month. Here's a list of all the stuff I have on the way to begin the process of setting up the electronics: The battery terminates in a JST connector, which I'll be removing and
  10. As some have noticed, I've been on a Star Wars binge lately(and from what my YouTube recommendations have shown me as well) is that it's time to embrace the inner Jedi in me and begin constructing my very first Lightsaber. Now this will be no easy task as I'm going to be doing this all by hand and from scratch, instead of just 'buying' one from a website known for making ones that have all the features I'm looking for. This'll be a long and painful project that'll set me back a little bit monetarily and also push the limits of my own Creativity. In regards to actually constructing the th
  11. UPDATED CUSTOMS MAP (12.9) UPDATED WOODS MAP (12.9) UPDATED RESERVER (12.9) With Underground
  12. Hey PMCs and Rats its Tarkov Season again, with a fresh wipe on us I'm going to start dumping some new information here for everyone! First New Interactive site, with constant ammo updates and quest tree/tracker for 12.9 wipe https://eft.monster/ If you have any other sites please share them here!
  13. Day 1 - Cities Skyline - A fun City Builder! Day 2 - New 'n' Tasty Day 3 - The Lost Dark Day 4 - Defense Grid: The Awakening Day 5 - Alien Isolation Day 6 - Metro 2033 Redux Day 7 - Tropico 5 Day 8 - Inside Day 9 - Darkest Dungeon
  14. An elf has told me that Epic Games will be giving out 1 Game every day for the next 15 days starting tomorrow the 17th! Everything will show up on the Epic Games Launcher in the Store section, and the games will ONLY be available for free for that day only. There's some leaks going around saying that there'll be some BIG titles for free for this, like Horizon Zero Dawn, Resident Evil 7, etc. Keep your eye out! ** SOME OF THESE GAMES MAY OR MAY NOT BE INCLUDED, IT IS JUST A LEAK/IDEA OF WHAT COULD BE INCLUDED ** https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2020/12/16/epic-games-15-days-of-f
  15. Goose's Tom Nady throw Deep Rock Galactic 2020.12.05 -
  16. Feel free to shop around one some if it if you want a specific look, there's lots of cases and whatnot you can choose from, as well as other parts.
  17. Thank you so much this is a massive help for starting!
  18. Okay, here is a barebones, tossed together build that I just kinda chose out of the blue, just to give you an idea on the pricing. This doesn't include any extra fans, PSU, or storage. This is all stuff you need to use in order to have a working build. Here are some options to change out, I chose the motherboard as it's on the x570 platform and should be good for future upgrades on the ryzen processors, and included the new 3000 series of processors for their CPU's. It's not the highest tier cpu, but it'll last you a long while, especially with it's specs and benchmarks. CPU cooler, I c
  19. Thank you so much as for the disk drives i can take them or leave them to be honest with you.
  20. okay, what I can see from the pictures, the thing you could salvage from this case, would definitely be only the power supply. It'll work for a bit, but would definitely be worth upgrading to somewhere around 800W+ if you're wanting a more powerful GPU and CPU. As for the rest, I'll go through some options and get you something put together on PC Part Picker so you can look it over. As for case recommendations, would you like to keep disk drives? If not, we can choose ones without. I see you have some there, just want to make sure you'll want to keep that functionality.
  21. At the moment i know i need a new mobo because mine refuses to work with more then one stick of ram so if you have any recommend mother boards that would be very helpful. As well as case recommendations because mine lacks airflow. As for my budget about $1500 at the moment but im planing on upgrading as the year goes so going over is not an issue. I care much more about my how my performance rather then looks.
  22. Few questions I'm gonna ask before I start listing off some stuff to get. What kind of budget are you setting for yourself? Do you care much about looks, or functionality If you have pictures of case, and inside of PC, that'll be helpful in seeing what else you need in terms of upgrades, like new mobo, coolers, fans, etc. From the recommended specs released by CD Projekt Red, this PC will run the game, but it won't run like butter. But it'll be at least playable until you get your parts upgraded if they take a bit of time to arrive. What I'd recommend getting right off the ba
  23. With cyberpunk 2077 on the way i am starting to realize how out of date my pc is. The only issue is i dont really know the first thing about where to take my build so im hoping someone can give me some advice!
  24. I finally got my consoles up and running, so I'm just going to list all of them here. I'll be getting a switch next month and will add that when I can. Xbox - CrabbyBearFins PSN - ZombieJello
  25. "I can't wait to ride my bike tomorrow!" - While Playing Destiny 2 @Zyvx
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