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    OmniPixel Gaming was founded on the idea of revolutionizing what a gaming community can achieve.
    Our members consist of casual, variety, hardcore, and social gamers.
    We welcome everyone to be part of our community. Our leaders focus on technology and innovation to expand our ever-growing community. We encourage our members to take part in the development of the community, and to continue building a community to be proud of and thrive in. OmniPixel Gaming is a fun, enjoyable space for all gamers, as such, we take a strong stand against discrimination or hate of any kind. 


    Our goal in the gaming world is to revolutionize what a gaming community can be: we utilize the best technologies, strategies, and community tactics to empower and advance our community and members.


    Boktai is one of the founding members of OmniPixel Gaming, and current CEO of the company. His experiences in gaming and communities reaches as far back as 1998. He has experience in running and being a member of multiple gaming communities over the years, allowing him the insider knowledge and innovation to grow OmniPixel Gaming.  He has been a monstrous asset in developing the community into what it is today, from back end technology to connecting to each of our members.

    Being with OmniPixel Gaming since its origin, BrockieBrock helped conceptualize the initial idea of the gaming community. A recent graduate with a BBA in Business Management, he has helped form the organizational structure and offers insight into marketing and operations. While usually quiet within the Discord, BrockieBrock tends to act as a liaison between staff and community members. 

    Ishwa first joined up with OmniPixel Gaming when we were just a Destiny 2 Clan two years ago. Shortly after the conception of OmniPixel Gaming, he migrated his own gaming community and came onboard as a founder. Ishwa has been gaming since 2003 and is a true variety gamer, with a focus on survival games and first person shooters. As Community Operations team leader you can often find him leading Community Game Nights, and organizing events on the backend for the business and community.

    Treefrog has been with OmniPixel Gaming since January 2019. She is involved behind the scenes, acting as the community and company's Public Relations and Human Resource Officer. Treefrog is passionate about members of the community and focusing on providing an outstanding experience for all of our members. She is often quoted as saying “I’m just as passionate about the 'community' part of "Gaming Community", but I do enjoy learning the 'gaming' part.”

    Zyvx is one of the founding members of OmniPixel Gaming and currently on the Owners team. He has been playing games since around 2004 and has the most experience in FPS games and Looter Shooters. He works on content creation for the community as a video editor and manages the community Instagram account. As the Destiny Clan leader, Zyvx helps new players find their home in OmniPixel's Destiny Clan. He currently plays Destiny 2, Call of Duty and single player RPGS in his free time


    LittleHerdez joined OmniPixel Gaming purely for gaming and to find people to play games with but instead, he found a great group of people who he can call close friends. He joined the community a year ago; now the Vice President of Operations who oversees all of OmniPixel Gaming Staff, he has worked hard to support the growth of our community. When he’s not helping run the business, you can find him playing a variety of games like: SWTOR, Destiny 2, The BioShock series, and Mass Effect Series.

    Kajesan has been a part of our community for two years and has loved seeing it grow to the point it is now. As Operations Assistant within OmniPixel Gaming, he oversees work on the website, game servers, community discord and all technological needs of the community and business. In his free time you can find Kajesan playing; Destiny 2, Final Fantasy XIV, and Clone Hero.

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OmniPixel Gaming OmniPixel Gaming was founded and built for gamers by gamers.


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